Make Ramadan more special with these entertaining, decorating, and gifting ideas!

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I wanted to share how you can create an easy DIY Ramadan decoration for your family (for less than $20 dollars) to celebrate EVERY day of Ramadan. My kids look forward to this each Ramadan and it truly has become a tradition in our home. I hope this is helpful and your family enjoys this during Ramadan each year as much as ours does. Apologies for the lighting - this is my first video. More Ramadan ideas and videos to come!

Watch the DIY instructional video:    Youtube Zasima Razack

Download the template:   Star DIY Template

Download the template:   Moon DIY Template


DIY Moon Star Template

DIY Star Template

15 Oct / 2013

Eid Mubarak


Our family wishes you Eid Mubarak!   Here we are making Kabah Kookies the night before Eid! 

14 Oct / 2013

Gifting: White Elephant

Last time I hosted brunch at our house on Eid, I wanted to give each person a gift.  White Elephant is a fun and inexpensive way to give everyone something to remember the day by.  If you have never played it before, check out the link below on how (I like to provide all the gifts myself but most people ask each person coming to the party to bring one).   My gifts are usually well under $5 dollars and then I have 1-2 more expensive gifts (cash/gift cards) that become the most traded gifts of the game.  Wrap the expensive gifts cheaply or in over-sized packaging and the inexpensive ones in beautifully boxes for an added surprise!


At you can customize your wrapping paper with an Eid specific design for all your gifts!  If you are not that creative though, there are Eid wrapping papers readily available online at Silver Envelop and Eid Creations.


14 Oct / 2013

Entertaining: Eid Brunch

I find the best way to celebrate Eid is directly after prayer with a brunch for your family and friends.  Often times I find the post prayer atmosphere a bit anti-climatic as everyone woke up early, got dressed up, and went to the mosque but with the prayer itself only a few minutes it seems like there should just be more.  My favorite kind of food for this occasion would be to do a buffet of mini brunch items (mini quiches, mini yogurt parfaits, mini pancakes, etc.) along with some of the traditional breakfast favorites (halal bacon, halal sausage, potatoes and eggs).  


14 Oct / 2013

Activity: Volunteering

Give the gift of giving of back on Eid.  Visit a local school, habitat for humanity, or local community service organization to help those in need.  How great (and memorable) would it be for all your family friends to spend the day painting a school house or actually helping build a home?   Pack a picnic lunch ahead and plenty of snacks and treats for all to keep the day efficient and fun!

14 Oct / 2013

Activity: Portrait Time

Use this day to schedule a family portrait.  It honestly doesn’t take that long to get in and out of even a place like Target’s portrait studio since currently our Islamic holidays do not coincide with any other major holiday in the US.  How often is the whole family – parents especially – all dressed up at the same time during the day?  Take advantage of it and schedule a 30 minute sitting now on Eid!

Click to schedule and for coupons.

This year since both my 2 and 4 year old have taken a liking for Legos and their infatuation with Disney princesses continues on, I bought age appropriate Lego sets that are themed in their respective favorite Disney princess.   I placed only 1 piece in each pocket and I am saving the Cinderella and Snow White pieces for last!  It’s an easy and inexpensive way to keep them excited all month as they are looking forward to what all their pieces will make by the end of Ramadan.


Growing up we always broke fast not just with dates but also with agar agar (china grass).  What I like about this is that you can color it to match your party theme. I served light blue agar agar along with dates so that it matched by blue and brown party (coordinated to the moon and star invitation on this website).  The recipe below is great because you can coordinate colors and shapes to match the theme of your party using an ice cube tray.  P.S. I usually do not put in cardamom so that it is more kid friendly and it tastes just as good.

Since in most places across the country iftaar is very late, having kids help prepare meals is a great activity to do even in larger groups.  To make it easier, I buy fresh pizza dough for just a few bucks from my grocery store (my favorite is Whole Foods and they have whole wheat dough as well) or you can usually purchase it from your local pizzeria.  Then I just place sauce, cheese and toppings on a counter so the kids can make pizzas in whatever combination they want and per the parents’ request.  

My favorite sauce recipe is from and it is worth the numerous ingredients except the anchovies which I do not include.


Individual pizza stones are perfect for this kind of occasion too.  You can get them at Sur La Table which sells them in sets of 6.

Company Kids has very intricate cut outs on their lanterns and are in a variety of shapes and sizes! Search paper lanterns at this link to see them all!


What to fill the pockets with will depend on the age of your children, their current interests, and how much time you have. You can put items that are homemade such as a written note/card or a favorite baked treat or purchase a variety of small items to fill each pocket. Given we are all pressed for time though here are some suggestions to purchase by age.

  • 0-1 years: Little plush toys that can wrap around the wrist of your child or hang off their car seat/stroller.  For our 3 month old I purchased a set of 4 toys from Lamaze that had 2 socks and 2 wristlets all with colorful rattles attached. Also basic board books in miniature size are always good (often Target has these in the entrance of their stores in the $1 section).
  • 1-2 years: This is a great idea that my sister-in-law is doing with her daughter. As children are in the process of learning to speak, why not include toys that can help them with their vocabulary? She purchased sets of wooden fruit and vegetables and is placing one in each pocket so that her daughter can learn the word of each fruit/vegetable each day!  Great idea!!!
  • 2-3 years: If your child likes bath time, most toy stores carry paints by Alex Toys and Crayola that are meant specifically for the bath.  They come in sets of 5 or more so you can fill a pocket with each color.
  • 3-4 years: If your child likes to draw, you can fill a number of pockets with interesting paints, markers, and stamps. Also if your child likes to make things, many of the craft stores like Michaels and Jo Ann Fabrics have sections with small activity kits for just a dollar.
  • 4-5 years: A variety of mini toys from characters your child likes are available at your local party store such as Party City. My daughter loves Hello Kitty so I purchased a number of cute items all under a dollar each there (everything from Hello Kitty miniature stationary items to a Hello Kitty slinky).
  • 5 years and beyond:  After the age of five, it really depends on your child.  
At all ages items like mini books, small accessories (socks, hair clips, bracelets, etc.), gift cards, cash and even candy all work.
Lastly, if you want to make this more a month of learning about Islam, you could also print on nice paper a Hadith or Sura and fold it nicely in each pocket.